The Smokey Cauldron – Review

Hello Readers, So we recently visited The Smokey Cauldron which was a major trip down memory lane and a throwback to my teenage obsession with the HP series 🙊. The Smokey Cauldron is a Harry Potter theme-based cafe, located in F-6, Islamabad. From platform no. 9 3/4 to Sorting Hat, every single thing there compliments... Continue Reading →


Step-by-step Recipe of Chicken Steak With Hot Sauce and Stir Fried Vegetables

Hello Readers, I am here again with another mouth-watering recipe that I discovered recently. So, without wasting any more time here is the recipe for chicken steak with hot sauce: Chicken Steak With Hot Sauce and Stir Fried Vegetables Ingredients Chicken fillets : 1 kg Olive oil : few tablespoons For marination: Chicken tikka masla... Continue Reading →

Step-by-step Recipe of Lasagna

  Hello Readers, How are you all? Must be enjoying Ramadan? Well, today I am here with an easy recipe for classic homemade lasagna. So, without further ado, here you go: Recipe of Beef/Chicken Lasagna Ingredients: Beef/chicken mince : 1/2 kg Tomato puree : 1 cup Ginger and garlic paste : 1 tablespoon Black pepper... Continue Reading →

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