Are You Taking Your Life For Granted?

Hello Readers,

I hope everyone is loving their life to the fullest. Today, I wanted to share something which has been in my mind for quite a while now.

Don’t you think we take everything, our lives, our people, our relationships for granted? We know the real worth of anything/anyone if it’s taken away from us or when we are about to lose it. We keep complaining about whatever we have without even realizing that at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the well-being of our loved ones. That’s it!
Few days back, my father got really ill. Though it wasn’t something very critical but some how doctors were not able to diagnose the exact ailment. Believe me, during those days I realized how it actually feels when your whole world is about to shatter. I used to think what if GOD forbid something happens to him. His health and wellness was the only thing I wanted during that time. I used to check whole night if he is doing fine. ALHAMDULILLAH he is doing perfectly fine now.
If you’re having your parents alive, please give time to them. They won’t ask for it, but little things make them happy especially in old age. Take out time to make little moments special for them. Celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and what not.
If you’re living away, manage to make a call on daily basis. They would never express but they always wait for your one phone call.
May ALLAH bless our parents and loved ones, Ameen ❤.


Anum Basit.

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