A Quick Way to Make Channa Chaat

Hello Readers,

How are you all? It’s been long time, I know but now I’m back on track and will be posting regularly, yayyyy.

Channa Chaat is a perfect delicacy which is equally enjoyed both in summer and winter. I always keep boiled chick peas in my freezer because chaat khanay ka dil to kabhi bhi kar skta he na πŸ™Š.

Anyways, this is how I make Channa Chaat!


Chick peas : 1 cup
Boiled kidney beans : 1 cup
Boiled potatoes (diced) : 1 (medium)
Tomatoes (diced) : 1 (medium)
Onion (thinly sliced) : 1 (medium)
Green chillies (thinly sliced) : 2
Salt : according to your taste
Chaat masala : according to your taste
Corriander (chopped) : few leaves
Mint (chopped) : few leaves
Lemon : 1
Imli chutney : as required
Green chutney : as required
Yogurt (whipped with one teaspoon of sugar) : as required

To Assemble:

– In serving dish, mix boiled chick peas, kidney beans, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, corriander, mint leaves, and salt.
– Now pour yogurt, then imli and green chutney.
– Sprinkle onion, green chillies and chaat masala.
– At the end, add lemon juice.

Do try it and let me know how do you make your channa chaat? I’ll be back with something else very soon. Till then, take care!


Anum Basit.

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