7 DIY Storage and Organization Hacks

Hello Everyone,

So, a few weeks back I started a 7-day series on my Instagram about some cool DIY storage and organization hacks. This series was loved by everyone, including me LOL. Today I thought to compile those hacks in the form of a complete blog post. So here you go!

1. How to organize your wardrobe

Though we have to go through the dilemma of ‘what to wear’ every now and then we cannot deny the fact that our collection of dresses is always greater than the size of our cupboards, lol. To be honest, nothing haunts me more than a messed up wardrobe. The dresses in hangers never make you crazy but those lying folded in the shelves really do. So, I use this simple tip for the clothes I don’t hang or the ones I use occasionally. 
Never, I repeat never, discard the packaging of newly bought dresses as they are life savers. I fold the dresses and keep them in those bags and voila no need to worry about the jumbled up wardrobe! In this way, you can stack as many dresses as you want in a small space. 

Use the packaging of newly bought dresses to organize your wardrobe

2. How to organize your shoes without a shoe organizer

The best way to keep your shoes is to use a shoe organizer. There are a number of wooden/hanging shoe organizers in the market. However, if you don’t own an organizer and have to store all your shoes in one small cabinet (like me, lol), this post is for you. 
Labeling is the key when it comes to storage and organization and this is something I’m good at, XD. Always store your shoes in boxes to avoid deshaping and label all boxes. So it is easy for you to find the required box in a single glance. 

Label the shoe boxes to avoid mess

3. An easy way to keep your bed covers organized

Let’s talk about organizing your bed sheets today. Well, I got to know about this tip through Pinterest and I’m absolutely in love with this one.
In order to keep your bed covers in lesser space, fold each bed sheet and one pillow cover and keep them inside the second pillow cover. I hope you got my point 🤷‍♀️. 
Have a look at the before and after picture. Do you notice how neatly the bed cover is folded using this method? 

4. How to keep your pantry organized

In this post, we are talking about organizing our stuff in the least possible space. Let’s discuss something about the kitchen now.
Firstly, label all the spices.
Secondly, to maximize the space of your pantry, you can use this technique which was shared by a member at Karachi Chefs at Home. For this, take a hard rectangular box and cover it with aluminum foil (optional). Place this box at the back and keep spices on this box. In this way, when you put the bottles in front of it, the spices on the box are visible to you. Thus, it is a quick way to organize your bottles. 

How to organize your pantry

5. How to make an easy DIY storage box

Today I’m going to share an easy DIY storage box which can be used to store and organize ANYTHING you want. This can be easily made at home using an empty cardboard box. Simply take an empty box, wrap it in a nice sheet and make slits. Shoe boxes make excellent large sized storage boxes.
I keep my stationary, nail paints, hijab caps, socks (I’m kind of socks hoarder 🙊) in such boxes to avoid unnecessary mess. You can also use these boxes as drawer organizers too.

6. How to keep your drawers organized

There are a number of ways of keeping your drawers organized and clutter-free. For this purpose, you can use drawer organizers or the DIY storage box that I shared above. Also, you need to designate your drawers. For instance, keep one drawer for gadgets/appliances (as shown in the picture), one for jewelry and so on. 
I keep small baskets in my drawers to keep the stuff in place. These baskets were placed at the base of two bouquets, my MIL received at her retirement party 🙊. So, I removed them and kept them for resuing. Anyways, using different nail colours I decorate their borders. You can use washi tapes for this purpose too. Keep whatever you want in these baskets. 

7. How to store makeup brushes

Most of us keep our makeup brushes in jars/containers. I had previously shared how I turned an empty tin into this attractive jar by covering it with a glittered foamic sheet. 
I also love to keep the brushes in mugs. Swipe to see the cute mugs I have for this purpose.
So,this was all about storage and organization hacks. I loved doing this series and hope it was helpful for you guys. There is one thing that I badly wanted to share throughout this series. On almost every post I got comments that ‘you are so organized’. No, I am not organized but I do TRY to be the one. I keep searching different DIY ideas for this. My wardrobe does get terribly messy, my drawers do turn into trash bins 🙊 but I reorganize them after every month or so because I love it 😁. The sole purpose of this series and this blog post is to give you guys a little motivation or you can say inspiration 💓.
Have a great day!

Anum Basit.

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