Chikpat – Such a treat for Islooites

Hello Readers,

Are you missing the typical old school vibes in the burger city? If yes, then Chikpat is a place for you. I visited Chikpat today and man I still can’t get over with it (you need to see Insta my story) to know what I mean). It is a newly launched eatery in F.7, near Chikachino
At Chikpat, you can customize your food perfectly according to your choice with all desi options. Starting from the base of rice or pita bread, to the fillings, toppings, and sauces, everything is going to be of your choice. I’m sure you will love this Pakistani version of subway just like I did.
The second thing that will make Chikpat stand apart from all other competing eateries is their interior and I’m a sucker for good interior. They have put much effort into the interior. The antique cassettes, cameras, gramophone, and walls having old newspapers will make you go in your 90’s, within seconds. I must say, the attention to minor details is just amazing.
Well, the last and the best thing about Chikpat is their washroom. Yar mujhe apne college ka washroom yad aa gya kasam se :D. Please, check my Insta stories I’m hell sure you are gonna love the washroom

In short, it is overall the best and quite unique place to visit in twin cities having good flavour and great ambiance. Oh, and the staff was super cooperative and kept asking about how the food was.
Coming to the food, we ordered 2 pita bread wraps and one rice bowl, customized according to our likings. Everything was good, although the pita went a bit soggy but that might be because I started eating after 10 minutes of serving (I was busy photographing every nook and corner). Anyways, I do recommend everyone to visit this place.
Overall rating : 9/10
Taste : 8/10
Ambiance : 10/10
Service : 10/10

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