My Weekly Skincare Routine

Hello Readers,
I hope everyone is enjoying the winters. Today, I will be discussing my weekly skincare routine.
You should pamper your skin in detail at least once a week. This is what I do weekly to keep my skin healthy and fresh.

🌸 I start from cleansing, currently using the one by Ponds. This cleansing milk works great for my combination skin as it is not at all greasy and removes impurities very well.
🌸 Then I do scrub and nowadays I’m using Oatally Amazing Scrub by Scoop O Scrub (meet my new friend, I’ll post the detailed review soon).
🌸 After the scrub, I apply a face mask. Normally, I love applying natural and homemade face packs, that I keep on sharing with you guys. But when I’m in hurry, I use this Goji Berry Facial Hydration Mask by Freeman Beauty (Review already posted).
🌸 Then I use my homemade toner (I will do a separate post for this).
🌸 At the end, I moisturize with this nourishing cream by Himalaya Herbals.

So this is what I do every week or fortnightly.
I would love to hear your skincare routines, too ❤.

Anum Basit.

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