Turning Towards You by Mahnoor Ali – A Detailed Review

Hello Readers,
I hope everyone is doing great. Today I am here with the review of a book that I recently finished and believe me I could not wait to review it. I am talking about Turning Towards You by Mahnoor Ali.

Mahnoor Ali is a Microbiologist by profession and a prolific author by passion who started writing in 2016.

“I started writing in 2016 when something within me was strong enough to express my thoughts and views through words. For me, writing is magical and helps me to connect to my inner world. I am a creative person and into drama writing and play directing since childhood. Other than that, I have started a creative writing club Once Upon A Time to promote creativity and art of reading and writing among budding souls”. said Mahnoor.

She further maintained:

“I wish to bring a positive change within our society and change the shallowness of minds, I want myself and others to jump out of the bubble, break the glass ceilings and set themselves free, and know their strengths.”

To be very honest, her passion to bring change is clearly depicted in her debut novel Turning towards You. Turning towards you is a fiction novel revolving around a young American girl, Laura Smith, who discovered herself and her existence. During this journey, she discovered her soul and her inclination towards the divine love. This is a beautiful story of love between the Creator and the created, as Laura said: ‘a love story that has no end’. The way how she gradually started getting attracted towards the Creator has been excellently described. The battles she has to fight during this journey keeps you teary. Though the story is a bit slow, however, you won’t get bored for even a second.

Trying not to convert this post into a spoiler, I am going to share some of my favorite excerpts from this novel. So here you go:

The book starts with one of my favorite Hadith e Qudsi:

This is something that keeps me going during the tough days of my life. So when I had the book in my hand for the first time, I was like: Woah, what a start!

This book gave me goosebumps and most of the time I felt as if someone has penned down my feelings.

“For days passed with love and care (definitely) are the ones to glare.”

The ending speech by Laura has my heart but I won’t share that with you because you get to read it yourself.

“I am heading to You. I am turning towards YOU.”

See how beautifully the writer has described Laura’s intense feelings. I am sure after reading these excerpts, you are definitely going to get the book. This book is so close to my heart. Not only because it is from my favorite genre but also reading such an amazing piece from a young Pakistani writer makes me ecstatic. I highly recommend this book to everyone out there. Do let me know in the comments when you read it.
Happy Reading!

Anum Basit.

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