This Too Shall Pass

Hello readers,

Life is beautiful, and I hope everyone out there is enjoying every single moment of their life to its fullest. I’ve been gathering my thoughts to write this post since long but for some reasons couldn’t get enough courage to throw it out. Finally, I’ve decided to do it, so yeah 🙂 !!
Life has never been a bed of roses for anyone, and as a matter of fact, we know this bitter reality deep down in our heart. In fact, this is the first reality check we come across right after growing up, just to be honest. But at the end of the day, what actually matters is whether you survived the hardships as a victim or as a warrior. So no matter how tiring the day is, how rough the life is and how broken you are; you have to stay patient and contented. Do you think that it is possible to be self-satisfied and motivated during the hardest days? Yes, it certainly is.
Well, every other person advises you to be patient but from where the patience could be achieved? Today, I’m going to share some of the ways that helped me not only to keep moving and fighting with all the turmoil I’ve been through but also they kept my sanity intact.

1. Sujood

Pray quotes

The easiest and quickest thing to do, when feeling down, is Pray. The feeling that SOMEONE is right there for you whenever you need HIM is so overwhelming. Your biggest support is never going to disappoint you, and you can approach HIM anytime anywhere you want. HE, whose love for you is more than the love of 70 mothers, is always listening to you. So, whenever life hits you very hard, just kneel down in front of HIM and cry your heart out.

2. The Loved Ones

Okay, it is true that you get tested by the people you love, but it is also a reality that there is a bunch of people in your life who mean the world to you, whose smile gives you life, and with whom you can forget all the worries. They could be anyone, your parents, siblings, life partner, or even friends. The fact that you are being gifted by some of the gems in your life keeps you going no matter what. Oh and yes, cherish them before it’s too late.

3. Learn from Others

My mother has always advised me to follow this saying, which I strictly follow for the rest of my life: Deen me apne se upar or duniya me apne se neechay dekho, hmesha pursukoon raho gay. This has helped me a lot during hard times. When you have a look at sufferings of other people around you, your own miseries seem minimal. This ultimately leads to the feeling of contentment for whatever you are left with.

4. Keep Yourself Busy

Because khaali dimagh shaitan ka ghar hota hay ! 😉 The more you keep yourself busy, the lesser things stress you out. Do whatever you enjoy, keep yourself occupied with your favorite hobbies, and spend time in things that give you pleasure. At the same time, spare some ‘me time’ for your own peace of mind. Go for an evening walk, binge-watch your favorite season, visit some saloon, a bookshop, or a coffee shop.

5. Stop Expecting and Start Acting

People hurt you, and the best way to get out of the pain is to stop expecting more from them. I know it’s easier said than done but still, try not to expect from others. Instead of thinking about what others should do, realize the fact that only you are the one who can keep you happy. Because after all, Happiness comes from within :).

So, that was all about staying complacent and stress-free during the days of despair. Hope it helps and may HE listens to all your prayers. Ameen 🙂

Anum Basit.

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