Easy Winter Hijab Styles With Turorials

Hello readers,

Happy new year to all of you. I wish this year to be the most blessed one for you guys. Don’t even ask about my 2018 beginning, as I spent the very first day of new year at my Dentist’s, LOL. All the time at clinic, I kept thinking, ” Woah, What a start :/ !!! (This clearly shows that I started this blog at the start of January but some how couldn’t complete it :/ )

In one of my previous posts, I reviewed hijabs from a UK-based company. When I was writing the review, I thought to do a post regarding different hijab styles and here I am. As today is International Hijab Day, so I thought to share some cool Hijab styles with all of you.

Being hijabi, I keep on trying different hijab styles, with scarf, stole or even duppata. Also, I know the struggle you go through while doing hijab. I mean, you want to cover your head, at the same time, you want to look classy and trendy. So, today I’ll be sharing some Easy Winter Hijab Styles that are most appropriate for beginners.

But before I share the hijab styles, let me share few tips:

  • Hijab cap or no hijab cap- this is absolutely your personal choice but I would recommend to wear hijab cap / under-scarf, beneath your hijab . It will hold your hijab so well, especially the silky ones. Also, under-scarves are mandatory for some hijab styles ;).
  • If you have to wear hijab for a party/wedding, you can go for a fancy hijab or a plain hijab and pair it with other accessories, like a chic hijab pin/broach or head band, etc.
Image Source : loveislamshop.com
Image Source : Pinterest
  • There are many brands like Hijabeaze that offer ready to wear hijabs. this is also a good option for ladies having tough schedules or those who are not good at styling their hijabs.

Here are some of very easy winter hijab styles for beginners.

Hijab style no. 1 : Multi-layered Hijab

Image Source : Styles Gap

This hijab style is my personal favorite and most appropriate for winters. All you have to do is make layers and layers of your hijab. The more, the beautiful. Don’t forget to secure every layer with a hijab pin.

Image Source : Pinterest

Hijab style no. 2 : Square Hijab

Okay to be very honest, I’m very bad at wearing square hijabs but whenever I have to, I style it this way. It is, I guess, the most easiest hijab style for square scarves. Please keep in mind that if you want maximum coverage than use large size square hijabs.

Image Source : Maine Republic Email Alert

Hijab style no. 3

This is another easy style which gives you a multi-layered hijab look. Follow the steps and there you go 🙂 .

Image Source : Basma Bassam

Hijab style no. 4 : Double layered hijab

Image Source : Pinterest

This hijab style is done by using two hijabs of contrasting colors, thus making alternate layers of both. It is a perfect hijab style for parties.

Hijab style no. 5 : Side swept layered hijab

Image Source : Pinterest

This is another chic style that you can carry wherever you want and needless to say that I love it.

That’s it for today! Try these hijabs and do let me know if you like them. I’ll definitely be sharing some more hijab styles soon. Till then Take Care, xoxo.


Anum Basit.

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