Best of The Lady of the House 2017

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Hello Readers,

2017 is about to end and the end of the year always makes me nostalgic, I don’t know why, LOL. But don’t worry I’m not going to make a sentimental post :D.

So, my 2017 holds great importance for I started my blog this year. Here is a short summary of the five best posts I made during 2017.

1. 7 Makeup tips and tricks You must know

Image source : dreamstime

7 Makeup tips and tricks You must know was my second blog post of 2017, that I published in October. This was basically a list of makeup hacks that I learnt and thought to share them with everyone.

2. 6 DIY Skin Care Tips

Image source : Interviews

I created a post regarding skin care in November, in which I shared the use of natural ingredients that can be used in skin care. You can read the post here.

3. How To Make Banoffee Pie โ€“ The Easiest Recipe Of The Yummiest Dessert


In the end of November, I shared a post featuring the detailed recipe of Banoffee Pie by Aban Arsalan.

4. Perfect Hair Care Routine for long, silky, and dandruff-free Hair

Image Source : Ayurkruti

In December, I shared Hair care regimen that everyone can follow. I included different tips to enhance the health of your hair. Too much girly stuff, though LOL. To read the post, click here.

5. Hidden Pearls Hijabs Review


This was my first ever product review published in the end of December. In this post, I reviewed hijabs from a UK based online store Hidden Pearls. Click here, to read the review.

So, this was all about my short blogging journey in the year of 2017. I hope you would like it.

List of the Best of Muslimah Bloggers 2017


Here is a list of the best of different Muslimah Bloggers 2017 from around the world. Have a look at their 5 best posts from 2017.

Have a great year ahead.


Anum Basit.

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  1. Wow. All the great posts in one place. Thank you for compiling them. I donโ€™t know why I didnโ€™t check this post before ๐Ÿ˜ญ Anyways thank you for sharing thisโค

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