Hidden Pearls Hijabs Review


Hello Readers,

I hope you are doing good and enjoying the winter to its fullest. Oh and by the way, let me tell you it is my favorite season. Anyways, today I’m here to write a review of Hijabs from a UK based online hijab shop, Hidden Pearls.

Screenshot-2017-12-27 Hidden Pearls – UK's Hijab Shop – Best Hijabs Online

As I said earlier, Hidden pearls is based in UK and was founded in February, 2015. Since then, it has been delivering quality hijabs and other accessories, at an affordable rate. It ships within UK, as well as internationally to 191 countries around the world.

So, I got a beautiful package few days back from Hidden Pearls to write a review.


The package contained following items :

  1. One Coffee Pearl and Lace Hijab
  2. One Red and Cream Polka Dot Turkish Hijab
  3. One Thank you Note
  4. One Discount Voucher

I’ll review both hijabs in detail, in the next section.

1. Coffee Pearl And Lace Hijab

The first hijab I received was a coffee colored one from their Chic Hijabs category.


This cotton hijab is edged with a delicate yet beautiful golden pearls and white lace.


It is perfect to be worn during day time. The stuff of this hijab is really soft.


Moreover, it can be styled in a number of ways because of enormous width and will definitely enhance your elegance. This one is indeed my favorite.


I will rate it 5/5.

2. Red and Cream Polka Dot Turkish Hijab

The second hijab that I got is a bright colored Turkish hijab in red and cream color having polka dots. This hijab is from the category Polka Dot Turkish Hijabs.


The boarder of hijab is of red color whereas the center is having cream colored boarder with red polka dots.


The silk material gives a shiny look to the scarf. Thus, it is ideal to pair it with your favorite party wear.


The only drawback of this hijab is that it’s size is comparatively small. Otherwise it is all perfect. I will rate it 4/5.

Apart from a variety of hijabs, Hidden Pearls is offering hijab accessories, like hijab pins and under-scarves, hand bags and some really cool Islamic gifts.

And here is the good news for all of my readers, You guys can avail flat 15% discount on your shopping from Hidden Pearls. Use the discount code ‘Anum15 ‘ and get 15% off.

Follow Hidden Pearls on Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest and Twitter or simply log in to their official website to pick your favorite hijabs from a huge variety.

I hope you liked the review. Hurry up, go shop from Hidden Pearls and do let me know how you found their hijabs.


Anum Basit.

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