7 Make-up Tips And Tricks You Must Know.

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Hello Ladies,
I’ve never been a makeup junkie during my unmarried life, in fact I wasn’t allowed to  (because of my mom’s oh-so-famous dialogue ‘unmarried bachiyan yeah sb nhe kartin’ lol ). But the moment I started the new chapter of my life, I took my first step in this fairy land. Being a typical eastern girl, I HAD to wear tons and tons of makeup in Post – Shadi dawats and afterwards. I started watching makeup tutorials and I practiced ALOT. Throughout this experimentation, I came across some really cool tips and tricks which I thought to share with you guys. I’ll be writing them step by step. So enjoy 😊!
1. Primer
I try to keep my vanity as simple as possible but Primer is a must for me when I want my makeup to stay fresh for a longer time. Primer is applied before foundation and after moisturizing. It prepares or prime your skin so that makeup can last longer . You can use any primer that suits your skin. Take out some product and apply with fingers.
2. Concealer
I don’t use concealers, correctors and bla bla. I simply cover my blemishes with Kryolan TV Paint Stick before applying foundation and that’s it.
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3. How to do your brows like a pro 
If your eye brows are not done and you’re getting late for a party  (or you simply don’t do your brows), you still can rock the makeup. Hide your extra hair using a high coverage concealer ( again, I use Kryolan TV Paint stick for this purpose ). Later on shape your eye brows with a good brow promade. Alternatively, you can use light brown pencil or eye shadow. Remember that the inner eyebrows should not be shaped intensely otherwise it will give an artificial look.
4. Eye makeup
• Blending is the key to a perfectly done eye makeup. Whichever shade or colour you’re using, make sure to blend it so well.
• If you’re a newbie for applying eye liner, start with a pencil or marker liner than go to the gel based or liquid liners.
• If you have small eyes and want to look them bigger apply silver or white eye pencil in the lower water line.
5. Foundation
I’ve combination skin and mostly I use liquid foundation. What I always do is I mix my foundation with a moisturizer  (I’m currently using Neutrogena’s Oil – free moisturizer) and than apply it. Simply pump out your foundation and moisturizer on your palm and mix WELL than apply it on your face and neck. It will give a really soft, non – cakey and  dewy finish.
Even for a subtle no – makeup look, I mix BB cream with the moisturizer and always love the results.
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6. Fall in love with your beauty blender 
Yeah just fall in love with this baby. The more you blend your foundation , the more refine it gets.  All you have to do is get your beauty blender dampened with rose water or even plain water and blend , blend, blend. Apart from foundation , use beauty blender to blend your blush on to give a smooth natural look. Keep a separate blender for this purpose.
Image source : allure
7. Makeup setting spray 
I do not use (read do not have 😆) fancy makeup setting sprays. Instead, when I’m done with my makeup I spray rose water which works great for me. Just spray a little rose water all over your face and ta da you’re ready to go ☺.
Note: These makeup tips are my personally tried and tested but they may or may not work for you.
Hope it helps💓!
Do tell me what are your makeup hacks and feel free to share this article with friends.
Anum Basit.

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